With extensive industry knowledge across all sectors and a record of making the right connections to move projects forward, HB Solutions consultants offer a range of services to energy sector organizations, developers, operators, power marketers and agencies.

Our consultants support clients in setting, implementing and meeting strategic goals for the New York state energy market. We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of economic development and community investment. We also monitor relevant regulations and their impact.

We can seamlessly integrate business goals with corporate giving and environmental advocacy. Through our cross-functional team structure, we partner with our economic development consultants to find economic incentive programs that support efficiency and reduced environmental impact. We also work with our communications and public affairs consultants to develop strategy; manage media, customer, community and industry relations; mitigate issues with the potential to impact multiple stakeholders; and prepare response plans to facilitate crisis avoidance and management. We establish community investment plans to enhance corporate citizenship; and we build community giving structures that distribute philanthropy funds.


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