Economic Development and Public Affairs

Our economic development consultants have extensive experience in securing funding, developing and managing projects and monitoring compliance for clients in both the public and private sectors. We advise on strategies to maximize untapped funds available through grants, incentives and tax credits. Our experience and assistance has helped companies, municipalities, educational institutions and not-for-profit agencies achieve millions of dollars in savings that enabled them to cost effectively expand their operations, purchase new equipment, retain and grow their workforces, and even aid in storm recovery.

Through our complimentary assessment, we gain an understanding of your business and your project to determine your eligibility for various grants and incentives. We provide a customized strategy to apply for grant and tax incentive programs and oversee your entire application process to ensure you can maximize the opportunities available.  We can also introduce clients to key decision makers at financial institutions.

Our process includes:

      • Conducting a company assessment to fully understand business models, facts, figures and challenges

      • Analyzing information to determine company qualifications for available programs

      • Developing a strategic plan as a basis for discussions with various economic development entities

      • Managing the project throughout, including timelines and ongoing strategy to maximize available benefits

      • Preparing and filing appropriate applications

      • Managing compliance requirements


Attuned to the importance of brand protection in the marketplace and communications to, from and among stakeholders, we help clients craft key messaging to inform and clarify an organization’s position. HB Solutions provides rapid response in managing messaging and protecting business assets, whether the issue is internal or external, we can develop and manage press strategies and media outreach plans, communications platform launches, printed collateral and image advertising, establishing project specific digital platforms and social media strategies plus organize public outreach and coalition building. 

The HB Solutions Economic and Public Affairs team does not conduct any lobbying or procurement services on behalf of clients. If there is a desire to use a lobbying firm, HB Solutions consultants are able to refer a resource based on the client’s specific needs.


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